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2019! what a year, what a decade.

I’ll have to apologize that this is coming late. These reviews have come to be one of my favourite moments of each year. It’s like having a conversation with an old unseen and even unknown friend. I hope you all had a wonderful year. I did have a wonderful year. I’ve come to realize that having a topsy turvy journey does not mean a thing as long as we arrive at a very desirable destination.

So the year began with basket load of promises. It began with clear visions and numerous targets and as the year picked up pace, most of the positives got clouded by the pressures, doubts and challenges and thus, the year was a rather unclear and unsettled one. However amidst all these, I woke up, got up, showed up and powered through every day because that’s what Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Shaft would do lol.

So what did I learn this year? I learned that you don’t have a monopoly of problems and certainly not ownership of solutions. While facing this sweet, beautiful conundrum called life, try not to do it alone. Look to God and look at people, study them, their experiences and their solutions because there is a huge possibility that someone else has been there before.

Show up Always show up even when you’re having doubts about it all, always show up. While at it, surround yourself with people with a similar vision and destination that way when you lag behind, others will pull you through- so thanks to my partners E.C. Osammor & co, Barth Omozokpia & co, Lofty Heights Solicitors, Ivory & Wellington and P.A. Ajala & co: these guys made the office a wonderful place with all the answers and on days I felt tired, they slapped that silliness out of me, placing me back on the grind and for that I’m eternally grateful.


Lol, this will make my sisters happy. I try very hard to hide my emotions behind that tough guy façade; the very reason Jojo was created lol but they see through it all- as did she. Well you know what they say right? ’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Thanks DK, I wish you the best. On the same topic, God has plans better than mine and I’m sure this year will be a good year. I’m quite excited and for that I say Amen lol.


This is a word I used to hate as a kid, but it is a word that exists in every single angle of life. career success? discipline, relationships? discipline. I spent a lot of time in Jevnik this year. Lunch breaks were awesome! I always looked in awe at the establishment. How is it that the standard in PH, Lagos and Abuja is the same? It’s discipline. I relate this back to my previous points: they showed up every day with a specific desire to meet a certain standard and I believe that is where satisfaction lies for them. Applying this principle to all my endeavours is a huge goal for this new year. So help me God.

A decade in retrospect

It’s actually the end of a decade so precious. The past ten years holds a lot of sadness. I’m talking sadness almost of biblical proportions. Dad left us, Uncle Tom left us and Aunt Otini left this 2019. So sad right?

Regardless, this decade actually started with Eddy getting married-this ultimately brought us our precious Miya and the life of the party, Nali. This decade too, Iye got married and this brought us the beautiful Amarisa. Watching Iye everyday as a Dad is a delight. He does it like he’s done it before. Well he has. He had to be a dad to us all. While we were crying over the loss of dad, he was using his hard earned money to buy us phones and other gifts to bring back some smiles. I’m so happy for Iye and so proud of the shining example he is. This decade showed mum is still undefeated, still the unburned lol still the champion. bigger better Enviva Farms this 2020 and my mum will shock you all once again. This decade saw my Chocho smash academic records. She makes me read lol. She makes me feel stupid and guess what, she’s just getting started. Enapsons & co was born and has remained very close to my heart. So here’s to many more fruitful years of practice. The vision is still clear and I’m not tired!

This decade was one hell of a ride and I’m grateful for everything (the yin yang theory) 2020 What can I say, let’s start deliberately, striving for greatness, happiness, and success on a daily basis. This is the start of a new decade not just the start of a new year and this means something more. While we hold this in our hearts and our minds, remember I saw you yesterday in all your magnificence, it’s even better that you’re here today and I truly can’t wait to write you again later this year ciao! happy new year!

love Jojo

01/01/2020 7.43am

ps: sorry for sounding like a lecturer.

Researcher,writer, and the ultimate idealist. One day I moved to Paris and many things have happened to me since then. My random musings: thebidaling.home.blog

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