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2019 was a year of hope. ‘almosts’ lessons, tears, faith, and peace. I began like any other year, with a renewed hope to change things and be things and do things. At the beginning of this decade, I was in university. I was an entitled brat that thought the world would conform to my dreams and wishes just because I dreamed them. I didn’t realise how much work people that I admired, had to do. We only hear of success stories, but nobody has ever truly articulated the harrowing years of toil, pain and tears needed to emerge on the other side. I lost and gained this decade. I was broken and crushed by life, but I’m rebuilding again. I wrote my first article and have gone on to publish several articles. I have been rejected and accepted. I have lost at love, but I gained it all back. All the things I had were simply illusions that had to be taken away to make room for the real deal. It was a painful but necessary process.

Now, I am ready to continue fighting. This time, with more information, maturity and patience. I have goals to reach, but I set them and worry about making it through the day. I think that’s what we should focus on. It is one thing to say you will do something, it is another thing to consciously work towards it. Apart from the sheer luck of birth and circumstance, we are the result of all our choices and decisions. Every choice you make each day will affect you tomorrow and in the years to come. This decade, I became the woman that I needed as a child. Now, I m getting ready for the woman I want to be in the next 10 years. This decade, I dug deep and found out what happiness means to me. It’s odd and does not conform to what society expects, but I have only one life to live and I’m living it on my terms. So find out what happiness means to you- Outside of what is expected of you and run towards it.

I am grateful for the gift of family. For my Uncle who takes time out of his busy schedule to see me whenever he is in town. My sister who holds me up when I feel like I just can’t continue. For my brothers who I know I can turn to when water pass Garri. For my Mother. God I am grateful for my mother. For my sister and aunt OJ who calls me and prays for me. For my grandma who reminds me to pray and read proverbs whenever I speak to her on the phone. For everyone who held me up this year with laughter, friendship and companionship.

2020. Let’s be better humans. Lets love everyone and do everything with love. Let’s be kind to one another. Let us all, strive harder for our goals and live each day with conviction. Refuse to wallow in failures. Take the lessons and keep it moving. Happy New year.

Researcher,writer, and the ultimate idealist. One day I moved to Paris and many things have happened to me since then. My random musings:

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